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The backlash against Beyoncé‘s new single “Formation” has hit a new high as critics plan to take their distaste for the Black pride track to the streets.

An anonymous individual has planned a Beyoncé boycott in response to her Super Bowl performance, in which the entertainer paid homage to the Black Panther Party. The event, titled #BoycottBeyonce, will take place at the National Football League headquarters in New York City at 8 AM ET on Feb. 16, CNN reports.

While her Super Bowl performance was a stance against the unjust treatment of African-Americans and a large-scale moment for Black appreciation, many believe the visuals accompanying the performance promote a negative view of law enforcement. The rally’s organizer called the singer’s Super Bowl performance racist and a plot to spread “hate speech.”

The “Formation” video shows powerful images such as the documented after-effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and a Black child in a hoodie in front of police officers. It ends with a NOLA police squad car sinking into the flood waters. Bey can also be seen on top of the car declaring Black pride with her fist in the air.

The BeyHive and even moderate fans of the artist plan to counter-protest #BoycottBeyonce with their own group, “Get In Formation.”

Via Eventbrite:

“When Black women affirm Blackness/Black womanhood, they are attacked and silenced,” says the posting, which invites women to dress in outfits inspired by the “Formation” video or the Super Bowl performance. “This is a counter protest to … a racist, a historical attack on the Black Panther Party and Beyonce, plus an excuse to celebrate a very awesome song and #BlackGirlMagic moment.”

Some believe the criticism is racially motivated and sexist.

Previously, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani called Beyoncé’s performance outrageous and an attack on police officers.

SOURCE: CNN, NY Daily News, Twitter | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform

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