After releasing the theme to the world cup, Colombian superstar, Shakira did her new dance, the ‘Waka Waka’ to tens of thousands of people to open the World Cup in South Africa.  Shakira has been known to open the World Cup before, in fact it was in 2006 that Shakira and Wyclef performed ‘Hips Don’t […]

Lindsay Lohan, two weeks fresh on the SCRAM bracelet, arrived at the MTV Movie Awards looking absolutely amazing.  It seems all of the time off of the drugs and alcohol, she has put on a little weight and her body is the truth. It is nice to see Lindsay looking beautiful in the daytime, because […]

Just a few months after Jesse James tried to ruin Sandra Bullock’s life, the Blind Side star has re-emerged onto the scene.  After being awarded the Generation award at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Sandra turned to the presenter of the reward, Scarlett Johansson and said, ‘This is so weird.  Scarlett, why are you here?” […]

Arriving on the red carpet of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Katy Perry, ‘The California Gurls’ hit-maker, rocked a blue wig, a day after her BFF and homegirl Rihanna went with the red top.  Not that we want to start any gang wars, but Rihanna and Katy rockin’ opposite colors, two days apart, might be […]

Kicking off the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, two of the biggest superstars in the world, Jennifer Lopez and Tom Cruise joined ultimate fighting forces and danced to some silliness to get the party started.  Bringing back his ‘Tropic Thunder’ cameo, Tom Cruise looked crazy, while J. Lo played off his wackiness.  The crowd in LA […]


Rihanna’s European tour has garnered a lot of attention, as the Russian Roulette star has been seen in some amazing costumes and some fly outfits.  Now, RiRi has surprised us all with her new hair-do…a redhead.  According to Gossip-Celebrity, ‘Rihanna took the stage in Arganda del Rey, Spain on Saturday night.  With the crowd on-hand […]

After Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt broke up over the weekend, because of…well, we’re not really sure what the hell happened.  But, we do know that the two reality show stars are no longer living in the same house and that Heidi was upset with all of the bad press, that she claims Spencer created.  […]

It seems that Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian have moved on. Even though there have been rumors of a possible reunion, those rumors might come to an end, as Reggie was spotted this weekend in Los Angeles shopping with his new girl…who, we gotta admit, looks a whole lot like Kim. The two were seen […]

After seeing Halle Berry over the weekend look flawless in a bikini at 43 years old and hearing this morning that the hottest chick to ever be on NYPD, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, has filed for divorce, we felt the need to go through our favorite women who are 40+.  The number one choice is quite obvious, […]


Pink knows how to put on a live show.  Her tour kicked off over the weekend in Cologne, Germany and we had to share these pictures with you, as these are some of the coolest tour shots we have seen all year. There are some amazing tours out right now, with some incredible costumes and […]


Barack and Michelle took the kids and family back to their hometown of Chicago to kick back and relax a little bit on the three day holiday weekend.  After quickly arriving in Chicago from DC, Barack took Air Force One down the Lousiana to check out the ongoing disaster that is the BP oil spill.  […]

Rihanna has ventured to the holy hand, Israel, to perform at the Rock Corps event on Sunday night which rewards young people for doing good work.  If you volunteer four hours, you get a free ticket. As part of her world tour, Rihanna rolled into Israel yesterday and did a little site seeing with her […]