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2 Chainz has a rough few days. First he was robbed at gunpoint, then he wasn’t robbed at gunpoint, then he was robbed at gunpoint.  Now, TMZ is reporting that he was just arrested at LAX with drugs: 2 Chainz was just arrested at LAX … after cops allegedly found weed on the “I’m Different” […]

UPDATE: 3:05PM EST Newtown Schools are no longer in a soft lockdown. Buses will run a bit late. —— The Newtown Bee, a local Newtown, Connecticut news source, is reporting that all Newtown schools are currently on lockdown. The office of the Superintendent of Schools has confirmed that Newtown schools were placed in “modified lockdown” […]

UPDATE 6/8/13 5:30PM EST The Santa Monica Police have released more details about the shooting in Santa Monica yesterday.  The Los Angeles Times reports that the gunman is John Zawahri, a man in his 20’s, who might have been upset with over his parents divorce and who had previous mental health issues.  He was once […]

Thirteen hours after a Philadelphia building collapsed downtown, a woman was pulled from the debris alive. The woman, 61-year-old Myra Plekam, was trapped underneath and reached out and grabbed the hand of a firefighter. She was pulled out around midnight and taken to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where she remained in critical […]

This morning, as people gathered at the plaza of the Today Show in New York City, an unidentified man with a knife was spotted. According to Matt Lauer, the man tried to harm himself with that knife. No one else was injured. Story developing. SOURCE: Twitter

UPDATE: 4:30 PM EST It is being reported that Paris Jackson cut her right forearm with a meat cleaver and took a large number of Motrin pills. She received numerous stiches for the cut. She also called a suicide hotline and the person on the other end was alarmed enough to call 911.Paris Jackson left […]

UPDATE: 11:30 AM EST Five adults have been taken to city hospitals after a Philadelphia building collapsed. Reportedly, eight to 10 people are trapped under the rubble. —– In Philadelphia, PA., a building has collapsed and authorities worry that people may be trapped inside. Fire officials say the building next door to the collapse was […]

UPDATE 6/1 11:09 PM EST According to medical examiners and emergency officials the death toll in the Oklahoma City area has risen to 9 after the violent storms. ——- Just a week after Oklahoma was devestated by a deadly tornado, another round of twisters hit the state on Friday night.  We have compiled some of […]

Three people are dead and authorities are searching for a fourth person after two single-engine planes collided over Phoenix on Friday. A pilot reported seeing two small aircrafts collide midair about 15 miles west-northwest of Deer Valley Airport, according to preliminary reports from the Federal Aviation Administration. The agency said it received reports of one […]

Just a month after letters laced with the poison ricin arrived in Washington D.C., another letter was sent to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The letter, which arrived late last week at a municipal building, has tested positive for ricin, according to two people familiar with the matter. A second letter containing the poison arrived […]

This month’s list of train derailments in the nation continues to grow, as news of a freight train accident in Baltimore County, Maryland is confirmed. The derailment caused a half-mile area to be evacuated and authorities are concerned that at least one person is trapped in the rubble. According to CNN: A truck was involved […]

Tragedy struck a family in South Korea as a 5-year-old little girl was killed when a man committed suicide by jumping out of a window, instantly killing her. According to CNN, the man was jumping from his 11th floor window when he landed directly on top of her below the apartment. The site reports: The […]