The family that slays together, stays together. That’s what happened when the Murphys went on vacation to Maui. Bria Murphy and her sister Shayne posted several pictures from their recent Hawaiian island vacation. Bria highlighted some fun family time, while Shayne showed off the sisters splashing around in the tropical paradise. Bria hit the boogie board […]

It’s Thursday. Time to look back and remember just how ridiculously we used to dress and to revisit the awful outfits our parents picked out for us. We call them throwbacks, I like to call them moments we can look back and laugh at why we bought clothes that were four sizes too big…but I digress. […]

From daddy’s little princesses to grown women, Eddie Murphy’s daughters sure have blossomed into some pretty young things. The latest example? Shayne Murphy absolutely slays and even shows off a little skin in her recent photoshoot; she seriously gets it from her mama.  A little boobage never hurt nobody. Just two days before, Shayne, her sister Bria, and their girlfriends […]

They got it from their mama. One of our favorite sisterly duos, Bria and Shayne Murphy, were spotted getting their nails did in Beverly Hills, CA this weekend. Bria, 24, was casually sexy in ripped jeans, a crop top, Celine bag, and heels, while Shayne looked music festival chic with her flower crown and nose ring. The last time […]

Those Murphy girls are a problem! Sisters, Bria and Shayne Murphy, have been showing off their flawless bodies a lot lately and we have to say… we’re impressed. The dynamic duo is currently vacationing in Maui with family, and luckily for us, have been going on Instagram posting sprees, sharing tons of bikini pictures and selfies. These […]

It might be Eddie Murphy’s birthday today (he’s 53!), but these days it’s all about his daughters Bria and Shayne Murphy. The two girls have been vacationing on the beach showing off their bikinis and dropping pictures from their sexy modeling shoots. Twenty-four-year-old Bria posted a selfie from the beach with no makeup and no filter, still […]