Los Angeles Premiere Of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"

It’s Thursday. Time to look back and remember just how ridiculously we used to dress and to revisit the awful outfits our parents picked out for us.

We call them throwbacks, I like to call them moments we can look back and laugh at why we bought clothes that were four sizes too big…but I digress.

Take the little girl in the green top holding Eddie Murphy’s hand up above. This young lady grew up to become the lovely Bria Murphy.

Eddy Murphy's daughters Bria & Shay Murphy visits a nail salon in Beverly Hills , CA

Wow, I know.

The great part about this phenomenon is that we are not alone. Tons of our favorite celebs also went through some awkward stages in life.

With that said, let’s play a little game. We picked a bunch of great throwback photos featuring our favorite stars, so check out our gallery below and see if you can figure out who’s who! 

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Splash

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