The rapper, who was an integral part of our childhood turn-up in the '00s, celebrates his 41st birthday today. Head inside.

Today, Beyoncé turns 39 years young and we couldn't let another moment go by without celebrating the queen.

We're pretty sure many of you have long since forgotten some of these songs ever existed... tune in.

Last night on his 'Verzuz' with DMX, Snoop reminded us just how legendary Bow Wow really is.

We’re not surprised. Wypipo have taken credit for everything else, why not memes too? The cartoon above has been sourced back to the 1921 July edition of Judge magazine and now, people are wondering if it was the first-ever meme. Some say “Slow your roll, far from it.” In all reality, who knows?! What we […]

It’s Thursday. Time to look back and remember just how ridiculously we used to dress and to revisit the awful outfits our parents picked out for us. We call them throwbacks, I like to call them moments we can look back and laugh at why we bought clothes that were four sizes too big…but I digress. […]