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Today, Beyoncé turns 39 years young and we couldn’t let another moment go by without celebrating the queen.

The mom, singer, producer, and filmmaker has accomplished so much since venturing out on her own. She dropped her first solo album, Dangerously In Love, in 2003 and six albums later (yes, including The Lion King: The Gift) Bey is an unstoppable, worldwide icon.

But don’t get it twisted, Young Bey was a force to be reckoned with too — that’s how she got to where she is today. So, to celebrate, we gathered a few quick throwback Beyoncé clips that show her as the hardworking, hilarious, good-natured, dedicated lady she’s always been. In the interview clip up top, she talks about the difficulties of being a young Black woman in the industry. 

Happy B-Day! Let us know how you’re celebrating.

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Beyoncé has no problem letting you know you’re pushing it.

She’s always been Mama Bey when you truly think about it.

She’s in character even on her way to bed.


And if a man can do it, you better believe she can too.

Her first solo grammy.

“I told my team I wanna shoot a video for every song and put them all out at the same time. Everyone thought I was crazy, but we’re actually doing it.”

Her job isn’t done if she’s not out of breath by the end of her performance.

That b*tch ain’t a quarter of you Bey — let alone, half.

So many Grammys.

You’ve got to love her. You’ve also got to respect her.

Throw it back just a tiny bit to 35.  Happy Birthday Bey!!


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