The famous actress hit 'Good Morning America' this week and opened up about how she would change the film, given the chance.

Bring It On debuted in theaters 21 years ago on August 25, 2000. The cult classic cheerleading movie is packed with culturally relevant moments that fans are still raving about today.

The actresses pay homage to the cult classic film 20 years after its release.

Remember when you weren’t even old enough to buy cigarettes or alcohol? Or how about not being old enough to rent a car? Yea, those days are behind us, Millennials. We’re — dare I say it — full blown adults. Time is moving pretty fast, and if you don’t stop to look around every once […]

Fifteen years after they cheered their ways into our hearts and gave us timeless quotes (“This is not a democracy, it’s a cheerocracy!”), the stars from Bring It On – Kirsten Dunst, Gabrielle Union, Eliza Dushku, and Jesse Bradford – reunited for an epic photoshoot with Entertainment Weekly. They reminisced about their time on set and the […]

If you were to cast someone to play Michelle Obama in a movie, who do you think could take on the part? Well, it looks like we’re getting that answer, as Tika Sumpter snagged the role as the country’s First Lady in a new upcoming movie called Southside With You, based on the Obamas’ first date. According […]

Who knew 42 could look this good? It’s Gabrielle Union‘s birthday, and the talented beauty is looking better than girls half her age. She recently married the love of her life, NBA baller Dwyane Wade, she has a hit series called Being Mary Jane, and she’s an all around baddie. Although Gabby looks like a bright-eyed […]