Calvin Harris

<p>Jenna Wolfe is the national journalist working for NBC television network in a show called &acirc;&euro;sToday.&acirc;&euro;t Jenna Wolfe functions as the co anchor at &acirc;&euro;sSunday</p>

<p>&acirc;&euro;?Mister Country&acirc;&euro;&trade; fame Carl Smith leaves us too. The famous country music American singer Carl Smith died on Saturday at the age of 82. The news of his</p>

<p>The super star of the Dawson’s Creek TV show, James VanDerBeek has linked up with the cast &amp; crew of the fresh United States medical dramatic play named</p>

<p>Shane Sparks has been arrested for the charges related to sexual encounter with a minor. Shane Sparks is serving as a judge for the show America’s Best Dance</p>

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