CEO Buys Employee A Car After Hearing He Walked 20 Miles For His First Day Walter Carr, an Alabama college student, whose car broke down the day before his first day of work at his new job decided to make the 20 mile trip on foot because he couldn’t secure a ride. Hours before his […]

A woman is in a crappy mood after she claims an airplane dropped human feces on her and her car.

Offset pays it forward by buying a car for the man that saved him after his car accident.

All it takes is for one video to spread for the world to know how lit you are. Penn Valley college student BJ Saunders and his daughter are everyone’s mood after a video he posted of his baby girl getting down went viral.   Even boxing champ Gervonta Davis claimed baby Saunders as his mood […]

One daredevil took athleticism to a whole new level when he tried something we don’t recommend at home. Watch Zavell Perry show off his gymnastics skills below to peep how practice mixed with bravery can make for an amazing show.  

If you have wheels to cruise on this weekend, it’s nothing like having a tank full of gas and an infinite possibility of destinations. You have to keep your car looking right for that Saturday drive — or else, elderly women like the one below might one up you. Check it out:

Dennis Rodman may be known for his wild boy ways, but not even the wildest of men can get jail time. The former NBA star could face as much as two years in prison after being charged with a hit-and-run on Monday, stemming from a late-night wrong way freeway crash in July. According to reports, the […]