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Some Mondays flow smooth and effortlessly — while others make you feel as if you’re a 2,000 pound camel struggling to get out of a car.


That may sound like a reach, but that’s because you haven’t seen a full a grown camel try to make his way out of a small vehicle, via the sunroof — until now.

The poor camel’s leg is barely hanging on, which probably is a sign of extra force getting in the vehicle, or foul play in some form or fashion. Nationwide may not be on their side, but State Farm actually chimed in on the bizarre video.

But again, how did he even get in the car?

It’s still weird because camel’s aren’t usually afraid of anything besides wolves — especially humans and their four door vehicles.


There are many theories but no one knows for sure how it all went down. Let’s just hope the poor camel made it out safe and alive.


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