All of us most likely tried to manipulate our parents to get what we wanted. But Danielle Grubisic‘s little sister took things to a whole new level by giving her father a presentation. Baby sis really wanted a pet cat, so she created a “wall of sorrow” to try and get her father to give […]

Tyga is a good dad when it comes to son King—but when it comes to his pet Tiger, he definitely dropped the ball. According to reports, Tyga’s Tiger is living at Lions, Tigers & Bears non-profit rescue in So Cal, but the staff says that he never made any effort to help out with the cat’s […]

In a phenomenon that’s too similar to Stephen King’s Pet Sematary for our liking, a cat named Bart crawled out of his shallow grave five days after he “died” in Tampa, Fl. Bart, whose apparent resurrection proves felines really do have nine lives, was hit by a car almost two weeks ago. When his owner, Ellis […]

Law & Order: SVU is returning with Season 16 tonight (yes, 16!), and Detective Olivia Benson is now a new mom who still kicks some serious ass. Mariska Hargitay has spent over a decade of her life playing Detective Benson. In fact, she’s made the role so famous, most people can barely differentiate her from the character. On playing Olivia for […]

Now this is a nice break from all of the drama this past week! A little 3-month-old kitty, who was born without radius bones in his front legs, has a unique talent because of his disability. The cute baby pet is able to stand on his back legs and hop just like a kangaroo, and […]