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Now this is a nice break from all of the drama this past week!

A little 3-month-old kitty, who was born without radius bones in his front legs, has a unique talent because of his disability.

The cute baby pet is able to stand on his back legs and hop just like a kangaroo, and it’s one of the cutest and silliest things you’ll see!

Nicholas Taylor, who is the foster and temporary care-taker of Skippy, said of him:

“We’re very confident that he’s all good, that it’s just more of a visual thing for us. But for him he doesn’t even know that he’s got something — I was going to say ‘wrong,’ but it’s ‘different’.”

Skippy might run into some arthritis later in life, but for now he is seems to be pretty healthy!

For all you cat video lovers out there, you gotta see this!

Check out the adorable video above!