Some folks in China recently proved that humans are worthless, heartless savages who really need love in our lives. According to China Daily, a 12-year-old female kangaroo at the Fuzhou Zoo was just living her life when some visitors started throwing rocks at her. Their goal? To get her to hop.   Eventually, a sharp […]

A 36-year old woman was arrested in London after her racist rant on a London bus. The woman, whose name has not been released to the public, basically flew into a prejudice rage as she screamed at two Muslim women and referred to them as “ISIS bitches.” She continued: “I will pull back this long […]

Now this is a nice break from all of the drama this past week! A little 3-month-old kitty, who was born without radius bones in his front legs, has a unique talent because of his disability. The cute baby pet is able to stand on his back legs and hop just like a kangaroo, and […]

Everyone knows animals can be dangerous; they’re behind bars in the zoo for a reason! But of course, we share the planet, and can’t always interact peacefully. When animals enter human territory, all bets are off. In light of the recent attack by a snake on two sleeping boys, it seemed appropriate to take a […]