Hayden Panettiere attended the ‘Alpha and Omega’ screening in London this weekend. Hayden Panettiere didn’t show any fear as she toted around an adorable wolf puppy! Hayden and her furry friend looked absolutely amazing on the red carpet. She kept her attire simple as she was dressed in jeans, nude heels, and a loose shimery […]


Commercial pornography gets pretty blase in this day and age where everyone has access to the internet.  25% of the internet use is for pornography according to Nielson ratings in 2010.  Mainstream porn sites generally mix and match among the following buffet of options; money shots, double penetration, ATM, blow jobs, passed out college girls, […]

Miley Cyrus is growing up and growing up fast. The 17 year old actress recently stopped doing her show Hanna Montana and is about to release an edgy film with Demi Moore, but what about nudity? Miley is not going to shy away from stripping off her clothes for the camera and the big screen. […]

Brooklyn’s Finest opened in theaters last Friday and came in at number 2. I had the opportunity to catch the movie and what I noticed is that there was an underlying theme of love with each of the main characters. An undercover agent’s quest to get his wife back, a father and husband willing to […]

While Surfing Youtube I stumbled across a movie trailer that really caught my eye. The movie is called Undergrad and from the looks of the trailer I think this might be the next classic hood film. The director Brendon Cochrane writes: ‘The Undergrad is the story of a man recently released from prison who makes […]

See Matthew’s trip to the tattoo parlor where he gets a pair of glasses tattooed over his eyes.