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Brooklyn’s Finest opened in theaters last Friday and came in at number 2. I had the opportunity to catch the movie and what I noticed is that there was an underlying theme of love with each of the main characters. An undercover agent’s quest to get his wife back, a father and husband willing to do anything to provide his family with a better life, and a retiring cop who is in love with a prostitute. Brooklyn’s Finest is all about love in a weird and complex way. 

Which brings me to a greater point. I read an article in Upscale Magazine said that the Black love film is dead. Now I see love in many places from cartoons to watching sportscenter, to the way my dog attacks his favorite chew toy. So when I sat down w/ Brooklyn’s Finest director Antoine Fuqua I brought up the topic of the Black love film. 

I asked the Brooklyn’s Finest director about black love films to what he said “The sisters are looking for something. They go out and support the Tyler Perry movies because they are looking for something that they can at least see themselves in, in someway. Now those aren’t love stories but they’re looking for something. “

All too often women get their love stories from urban lit, or they simply watch old love films. And it’s not just the women looking for love films. ‘I think the brothers deserve to have something that they see themselves in’ Fuqua adds. ‘Where they’re handsome and strong and hopefully showing them in the right light’ This was on of the reasons why I loved Brooklyn’s Finest because Don Cheadle’s character is thinking about his wife. I respected that a lot about this film. Fuqua believes ‘we can have a love story but you know elevated. Not always the urban street love type thing, maybe something more international would be nice.’

I related to Fuqua’s answer because through all the cop drama in his film I saw the underlying love story in his cop film. The film is about what Fuqua calls “righter and wronger” One of the story lines in the movie is about a guy willing to do anything for his family. He does these unmoral actions out of love, while fighting an inner battle with his own demons. 

The Brooklyn’s Finest movie is more than just a cop flick, it’s a film with layers and I recommend everyone to see it. Especially those who love, love films. 

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