It’s common for an artist to take pride in their work by signing their name on it. A surgeon, on the other hand, should stay clear of the artist stamp. One British surgeon didn’t get the memo and he was charged on two counts of assault. Simon Bramhall, 53, pleaded guilty to burning his initials into […]

Attorney John Choi announced that St. Anthony, Minnesota Officer Jeronimo Yanez faces three criminal charges for the killing of Philando Castile.

It's been a long time coming for the Brown family, but they've finally received the relief they hoped for.

In a month that saw the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death and the 1965 Watts Riots, police officers in Virginia and Georgia have been charged in the…


Two journalists -- one from The Huffington Post and another from The Washington Post -- have been charged for working in Ferguson.


One of the six Baltimore police officers charged in the death and unlawful arrest of Freddie Gray is requesting to see the knife that was in the victim’s possession, suggesting that it may be an illegal switchblade. A switchblade would make the arrest of Gray legal, The Baltimore Sun notes. Last Friday, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby […]

The six police officers who have been charged with the death and murder of Freddie Gray have all posted bail. Gawker notes that their bail was “lower than the $500,000 set for 18-year-old protester Allen Bullock, who was photographed smashing a cop car and charged with eight misdemeanors.” The site explains in detail: Caesar Goodson (second degree murder, three […]


A New York City mother has been arrested and charged after authorities found her locked inside the restroom of a busy Manhattan restaurant with her unconscious 1-year-old boy. The boy, identified as Gavriel Ortiz-Fisher, was foaming at the mouth when he was recovered and later died, police said. The woman, 35-year-old Latisha Fisher, was arrested at […]

The Philadelphia man who is allegedly responsible for stabbing a crew member on Nicki Minaj‘s upcoming tour, resulting in his death, has been charged. According to the Associated Press, Pierce Boykin was officially charged with murder earlier today, after stabbing 29-year-old Devon Pickett two weeks ago. The site reports: Boykin was originally charged with attempted […]

As of late, Suge Knight‘s sketchy past is definitely catching up to him. The former Death Row Records CEO is currently being held in jail after he hit Terry Carter with his car last month, ultimately killing the tow truck employee who was reportedly a friend of his. Suge may stay in jail for at […]

UPDATE: 2/5/15 9:22 AM EST Suge Knight was released from the hospital and into police custody Wednesday night. Yahoo News reports: Former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight has been released from the hospital a day after complaining of chest pains. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Kelvin Moody says Knight was released and taken into custody around […]

So this happened. Jacksonville Jaguars player Dwayne Gratz was arrested Sunday morning in Miami on account he tried to use gum to pay for items from a store. The starting cornerback was arrested and charged with two misdemeanor counts after attempting to use candy as his currency in what authorities believe to be a drunken spell. Miami […]