Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks was released on this day July 6, 1994. For 27 years, Forrest Gump has provided outstanding cinema for its fans across the world to enjoy. We will happily take you through a world of behind-the-scenes moments you have yet to discover. 

Your summer Vacation is getting an early jump on the weekend. The reboot of the 1983 classic, National Lampoon’s Vacation starring Chevy Chase, is in theaters today. In it, Ed Helms plays a grown up Rusty Griswold, who gets the bright idea to take his family on a road trip to Wally World just like his father […]

A black woman, in the neighborhood of Chevy Chase, Maryland, woke up to a disturbing racial slur spray painted across her garage door yesterday morning. On MLK Day, a neighbor was walking by her home, when they noticed the phrase, “N**** go home” was painted in red letters on her property, and alerted her immediately. […]