chinese food

One guy was treated like a thief in Toronto and he didn't let it go.

Sometimes in life, if you don’t have everything you need in the moment, you gotta use what you have and make do. One Chinese restaurant must’ve ran out of desserts, because they decided to cut up some classic Debbie Cakes and display them as desserts. A sliced up Zebra Cake is hilarious in itself — […]

How much dough were you dishing out for Chinese food when you were 18 years old? In case you ain’t know so, Kylie Jenner‘s got a lot of money and she isn’t afraid to spend it. For most of us, shrimp and broccoli with garlic sauce costs upwards of $7.95, but over the weekend, Kim […]

World, meet Alison Gold. She’s basically the new Rebecca Black and she’s here to take the title for best-worst music video ever.  Gold’s 15 minutes of fame came after a video produced by Patrice Wilson, the same evil genius responsible for “Friday,” surfaced on YouTube. Just as soon as “Chinese Food” hit the internets, it skyrocketed […]