Civil Rights Movement

Following David Dao’s violent removal from a United Airlines plane, many people have rallied around the victim. In a press conference, Dao’s lawyer Thomas Demetrio, insisted, “Dr. Dao, I believe to his great credit, has come to understand that he is the guy, the guy to stand up for all passengers going forward.”  Demetrio added that […]

As the nation celebrates Jackie Robinson Day, here are some interesting details about one of the most famous men of the outfield.

American Girl has emerged as one of the top businesses of its sort, selling millions of its beloved dolls and books aimed at young girls since debuting in 1986. This summer the company will reveal its latest doll, a girl from the civil rights era named Melody Ellison.

Sutton died "peacefully" at Saint Joseph Hospital in Atlanta on Saturday, Alta Sutton, the leader's daughter, said.

When Clinton's campaign changed her "H" logo on Tuesday to incorporate an image of Rosa Parks in commemoration of the 60 year anniversary of Parks' refusal to move to the back of the bus for a White passenger in Montgomery, Ala., Twitter downright lost its mind.

Justice was served half a century later as the Friendship Nine, a group of black student protesters who were arrested for staging a sit-in at a “whites only” restaurant, were exonerated of all charges on Wednesday. Seven out of the nine men appeared in court yesterday to hear the judge drop the convictions against the famed civil rights […]

To The Young Leaders Of The New Civil Rights Movement, I write this letter to you, on a day that we celebrate the legacy of a king who died before he reached the age of 40. Most of you, if not all of you, are under 40 years old, and some even still teenagers. I […]

Happy Birthday, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We remember and honor both him and his loving wife on this special day. Through it all, the couple managed to inspire people and teach everyone about love, forgiveness and strength.