Happy birthday, Robin Williams. It's been nearly one year since we lost the beloved comedian, and today he would've turned 64 years old.

Fans were not happy when the romantic drama was a tad bit less dramatic...see what Netflix had to say inside.

In a new feature for W magazine, Lindsay Lohan reveals her favorite lines from Mean Girls. Watch her reenact classic moments like “Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen!” and more.

Good movies are a dime a dozen, but great movies – the kind you could watch again and again and never get sick of – are hard to come by. Week after week, Hollywood pumps out new flicks, but few will stand the test of time. Classics like Shawshank Redemption, Friday, and Clueless transcend boundaries created by generation and […]

The creative geniuses behind American Horror Story: Freak Show are spilling some serious behind the scenes secrets, like how in the world they got one actress to look like a conjoined twin and just how long it takes to film one bone-chilling episode of the hit series. Following the series premiere, many fans were curious […]

Alicia Keys really went all out for husband Swizz Beatz’s 36th birthday. The R&B songstress put together a Coming To America-themed bash worthy of a real king. Keys rented out an enormous venue and ordered up African dancers outfitted in colorful costumes, over-the-top headdresses, and more. She even got her king and his royal court, […]

It’s #Throwback Thursday once again, and this week we’re dedicating our nostalgia addiction to classic black films. Fifteen years after its release, Ice Cube’s movie Friday remains one of the most quoted black films to-date, and the re-emergence of the hilarious phrase “Bye Felicia” has become an internet favorite. We decided to take a look back […]

Rev Run and the crew are coming back to TV with a brand new cooking show! That’s right, y’all! The Simmons family are opening up their New Jersey mansion to the public again, this time for a Cooking Channel show Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers. The show will be a hybrid reality-cooking series during which the Rev […]

Ever wonder what goes into landing a role in a major Hollywood film? With its ten-year anniversary just days away, Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese, better known as Damian, sat down to talk about the movie and what it was like working with Lindsay Lohan. During his interview, Franzese revealed the trick that won over the casting […]