These soulful commerical jingles ring in our ears forever, with popular companies like Popeyes advertising their latest products.

As always, the best part of Super Bowl Sunday is watching all the cool new commercials. This year, hip-hop was on full display, with rappers such as Cardi B, Big Sean, Busta Rhymes and more getting some love. Some commercials we loved, some made us cringe (see: Dodge Ram’s MLK commercial). Hit the flip to see […]

Nostalgia is a mofo, man. All it does is mislead. Example: the movie Rocky is trash. Everything about that movie is stupid, from the acting to the writing. However, people see it as a good movie, because when they watch it, it takes them back to the feelings they had when they first saw the film. Even […]

LeBron James is out here working! The NBA superstar has had tons of endorsements throughout the years, and he’s just landed another one as he’s launched his own drink with Sprite called “Sprite 6 Mix.” King James celebrated Sprite 6 Mix’s launch this past week with friends, family, and fans, and he was pretty hype […]

Well, we should all know by now that Madonna is one bold chick. The legendary pop star took to her Instagram yesterday to share her new beauty fix, which to our disliking, is growing out her armpit hair. Along with the hair, Madonna kept eyes on her by posing in a sexy black bra that […]

She puts them boys on rock, rock and they be lining down the block just to watch what she got. Fergie just gets sexier and sexier as time goes on, and we have a new super sexy video to prove it. The mom to Axl Jack recently gave us a taste of what she’s like […]

Carl’s Jr. fast food restaurant has a long history of making very sexy commercials, with hottie Nina Agdal the latest to be featured in a scintillating TV spot. The beautiful SI Swimsuit Edition model is back for a second time around. So we thought… Hell, why not take a look back at these ridiculous and sexy commercials […]

Kmart is in hot water with shoppers after releasing their most recent holiday commercial for their “Show Your Joe” campaign. The advertisement, which features a line-up of hunky men playing “Jingle Bells” with their junk, was met with much disapproval by a select few viewers who sounded off on the company’s Facebook page. One shopper […]

Styling, designing and profiling! Rihanna is doing all of the above for her new Budweiser commercial.  Although we pegged RiRi to be more of a Corona girl, the songstress and designer is getting a shot at more worldwide domination with her latest deal.  Last week, the lid came off news that Bad Gal RiRi is gearing […]


Retired soccer all-star David Beckham is showing off tattoos, flawless hair, and a smoking hot bod in another all new ad campaign. As if seeing his pearly whites on the cover of Delta’s Sky July issue wasn’t enough, Beckham is now the new brand ambassador for the Sky Sports television network. It’s only been 2 months since […]

A new K-Mart commercial is making us…uncomfortable. The creators of the new parody “Kmart Knickers” ad may have wanted to sell some pants and make a few people laugh, but instead, they are stirring the racial pot and offending a lot of people. Replacing the word “niggers” with “knickers,” the actors talk about all the […]