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Nostalgia is a mofo, man.

All it does is mislead. Example: the movie Rocky is trash. Everything about that movie is stupid, from the acting to the writing. However, people see it as a good movie, because when they watch it, it takes them back to the feelings they had when they first saw the film.

Even though nostalgia is misleading, y’all still love that shit. That’s why at least two times out of the week we love to publish nostalgia posts. (Sometimes three times a week. What, think we forgot about #WaybackWednesday?)

For today’s #FlashbackFriday, we’re bringing you commercials. Terrible commercials from the ’90s.

Here’s the thing: you might be mistaken and say “nah, this commercial is great.” That’s just nostalgia lying to you, bruh.

Ignore that.

From commercials for Taco Bell to milk ads, here are 15 absolutely ridiculous commercials from back in the day.

The Mentos striped suit commercial 

Lifehack: this doesn’t work.

The Blow Pop commercial 

We would love to see a documentary explaining where all of these kids are currently at.

Budweiser’s “wassup” commercial 

The “wassup” phase and phrase was legit funny — for about 30 seconds.

Taco Bell’s “Yo quiero Taco Bell” commercial

Where would the Geico Lizard, Chester Cheetah, and Charlie the Tuna be without the “Yo quiero Taco Bell” chihuahua?

The peanut butter and milk commercial

Considering all the new health information we’ve learned about peanut butter and milk, we would advise you not to try either.

“Trix are for kids” commercial


These kids are nothing but bullies. Straight up.

“Your brain on drugs” commercial

Just so happens that your cooked brain is delicious.

Nike’s Lil’ Penny commercial 

Lil’ Penny >>> Kevin Hart.

Anti-weed commercial 

*Hits blunt* If weed grows on trees, why are we always paying for it?

Pepsi’s Godfather commercial 

What she drank? RC Cola? Because Coke  >>> Pepsi.

Nike’s Mars Blackmon commercial 

Spike Lee’s last relevant moment. SMH.

The Mortal Kombat video game commercial

Video commercials from back in the day had a tendency to be a TAD bit melodramatic…but this one is special because it features GlobalGrind Editor-in-Chief Mr. Michael Skolnik.

Twins Doublemint gum commercial

A pack of Doublemint gum is literally double the price it used to be. So Wrigley’s can get all the way the fuck outta here.

Butterfinger’s “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger” Simpsons commercial 

People without dental insurance might want to consider letting Bart have the damn candy.

Pong commercial 

“What the hell is pong?” – Some fucking kid born in 1996.


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