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"11 Million Stories: The Truth of Mass Deportation," an online video released Thursday tells a powerful story of what would happen if Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump's mass deportation plan becomes law.

Last night I got into a very intense conversation with my girlfriend. Our 22-month-old son, Mateo Ali, has fallen in love with playing puzzles on the iPad…to the point where he is beginning to throw a bit of temper tantrum when we tell him that he has to go to sleep and can’t play the […]

I had just walked into the house. It was late. 11:30PM late. My girlfriend and I had marched for hours with thousands of New Yorkers in support of the family in Ferguson. I was proud of my city. Proud of my people for crying out-loud about the injustice that was the previous night’s non-indictment announcement […]

I’ve never been pulled over by the cops when I hadn’t done anything wrong.  I’ve never been asked for identification for no apparent reason.  I’ve never been stopped and frisked.  I’ve never been asked to empty my pockets. I’ve never been followed by the police so they could “run my plates.” And certainly I’ve never been […]

I remember growing up and always hearing my parents and their friends talk about one pivotal moment in their lives.  They remembered exactly where they were at that point. Exactly who told them the news. Exactly how they felt once it all sunk in.  When President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, everyone who was alive during that […]

Rocsi Diaz helped introduce the world to the #WelcomeUs campaign, which brings awareness to undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. In another video pushing the campaign, Guillermo Diaz – who is best known for playing Huck on Scandal – makes his own directorial debut in a mini-PSA titled “Valley of the Undocumented.” The narration includes a poem of the same name […]

On behalf of the people of the United States of America, I would like to publicly apologize to the parents of Jordan Davis, Ron Davis and Lucia McBath.  Mr. Davis and Ms. McBath, we owe you our deepest regrets for the loss of your son.  We beg for your forgiveness for not protecting one of […]

Trayvon Martin would have turned 19 years old today. The last year he would be a teenager, most likely in the middle of his Freshman year in college, studying hard for his mid-term exams.  Because of the bullet that shot out of George Zimmerman’s gun, his life was blown out before he could blow out […]

I still feel it in my bones. The electricity. The power of releasing every ounce of energy in your body! The energy of Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons when the “m.A.A.d city” beat dropped (and made Taylor Swift dance uncontrollably) at the Grammy Awards still pounds in my chest. It was a hell of a […]

What better way to spend the holidays than giving back to the people? That’s exactly what happened when GlobalGrind’s EIC, Michael Skolnik, teamed up with Tamika Mallory, Marvin Bing and Preserve Our Legacy to host the first “Christmas In Harlem” Holiday Gift Giveaway and Community Dinner to bring holiday cheer to Harlem’s citizens in need. “It’s […]

[Text] This morning I was awoken by sounds of a nine month baby boy trying to learn how to talk.  Before the sun shed her glory upon this great nation and through my bedroom windows, I could hear sounds emulating from the room next door.  da da da da da da. ma ma ma ma […]