Taco Bell has people questioning their beliefs with a new quesadilla they’re trying out on their menu. The “Chocoladilla” will consist of melted chocolate and Kit Kat pieces stuffed in a grilled flour tortilla. The price for such an unlikely item? Only $1. This is the latest in a series of Taco Bell mashups including […]

Ever wonder why those fallen McDonald’s fries in your car still look brand new after several months? Well, a doctor’s office in Waterford, Michigan left fast food out in the open for nearly two years to monitor what would happen to the food. The results are shocking. Dr. Jacqueline Vaughn of Vaughn Chiropractic left fast food […]

After a very public breakup with Chris Brown, life has been a real beach for Karrueche. Literally. We thought hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but over the weekend, we were proven wrong when Breezy put her whole business out on social media. Meanwhile, Kae maintained her composure by proving her beach is better – […]

Nostalgia is a mofo, man. All it does is mislead. Example: the movie Rocky is trash. Everything about that movie is stupid, from the acting to the writing. However, people see it as a good movie, because when they watch it, it takes them back to the feelings they had when they first saw the film. Even […]

South Korean Prime Minister Chung Hong-won has decided to resign after the horrific ferry sinking incident, which has left over three hundred people killed and missing. The now-former leader made the announcement about his decision earlier today, which stemmed from how the government handled the tragedy. The country has faced shame, finger-pointing, and more since […]

Is Taco Bell trying to make the world a better place? Or are they secretly trying to kill us all? We’re not sure yet. We do know this: this morning, the fast food joint introduced their new breakfast menu. There are many items on the menu — including coffee and some kind of demented looking AM […]

While you’re probably not on Twitter to follow companies you nonchalantly buy from at the grocery store or hit up via the drive-through at 2AM, some of these unassuming – and pretty random – corporations truly kill it in the Twitterverse. Yes, there are companies on Twitter that don’t just primarily push their products and […]