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South Korean Prime Minister Chung Hong-won has decided to resign after the horrific ferry sinking incident, which has left over three hundred people killed and missing. The now-former leader made the announcement about his decision earlier today, which stemmed from how the government handled the tragedy. The country has faced shame, finger-pointing, and more since the incident, and family of the victims have accused the government of not doing enough as far as rescue procedures go. There’s no word on when he will officially leave office. [Huffington Post]

A father has been caught on tape kicking his 6-year-old son off of a skate ramp after the boy hesitated to skate down it. Sources at the Jacksonville skate park say that the two are regulars at the venue, but the owner has never seen the father act like that before. The owner also said that Marcus Crossland was “caught up in the moment” and “seemed very remorseful” for his actions. [First Coast News]

Taco Bell is getting a makeover! The popular fast-food chain is upgrading it’s look to a more sophisticated restaurant feel that will include new items such as tequila-filled milkshakes called “Mexican Car Bombs”, and a cheesesteak-inspired taco. The first chain is set to open up in Huntington Beach, California and will be called Taco Co. It’s aimed towards the same market that appeals to Chipotle customers. [CNN]

A feud between two neighbors came to a head this week, as an off-duty police officer shot down an elderly man. The 86-year-old, named Joe Huff, was shot dead after the officer opened fire during an altercation between his wife and Huff. Both the off-duty policeman and his wife, Cathryn Anthony, have been taken to the hospital and treated for wounds. Huff’s granddaughter said that Huff has “been in to it with these people next door to him for years”. [NBC]