We’re still not over President Obama‘s soulful rendition of “Amazing Grace,” but that didn’t stop Condoleezza Rice from showing off her vocal ability in honor of Independence Day. Watch Ms. Rice sing “Amazing Grace” here. [Gossip Cop] We are sad to report that Michael Douglas‘ mom, Diana Douglas Webster, has passed away at the age […]

We didn’t see this one coming. According to The NYPost, Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett is the one who leaked details about Hillary Clinton‘s private email use to the press. She then attempted to make sure it couldn’t be traced back to her or the White House. Get the details here. [NYPost]  A crowded ferry capsized off […]

UPDATE: 1:38 PM EST: According to the Associated Press, Italian authorities say the death toll in the Greek ferry fire has risen to eight. Story developing… ————- All 473 passengers have now been rescued from the blazing ferry fire that happened Sunday in the Adriatic Sea, leaving a total of five people dead. The Norman Atlantic […]

An Italian ferry off the coast of the Greek island Corfu caught fire this morning. Approximately 423 passengers and 55 crew members remained trapped in the ferry due to bad weather and choppy seas. We pray for everyone’s safety during this time. [Daily Mail] Officials in Seattle are currently searching for a man who stabbed […]

A South Korean ferry captain has been found guilty of gross negligence and sentenced to 36 years in prison over the sinking of his vessel in a crash that killed over 300 people in April. Lee Joon-seok, one of 15 crew members, was caught leaving the scene of the sinking ferry carrying some 476 secondary school […]

If you live in a major city, chances are you’ve had to subject yourself to the necessary evil that is public transportation. Whether its trains, busses, or ferries, all public transportation totally blows. It’s slow, it smells, something’s always broken (or a passenger’s “sick”), and there’s almost never enough space for everyone. It doesn’t make […]

South Korean Prime Minister Chung Hong-won has decided to resign after the horrific ferry sinking incident, which has left over three hundred people killed and missing. The now-former leader made the announcement about his decision earlier today, which stemmed from how the government handled the tragedy. The country has faced shame, finger-pointing, and more since […]

The ferry that sank while carrying South Korean students just off the shores of the country is still being searched for bodies and missing people. According to Huffington Post, divers found a way into the submerged ferry and have been able to retrieve more bodies, pushing the death toll up to 50. The site reports: More […]