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If you live in a major city, chances are you’ve had to subject yourself to the necessary evil that is public transportation. Whether its trains, busses, or ferries, all public transportation totally blows.

It’s slow, it smells, something’s always broken (or a passenger’s “sick”), and there’s almost never enough space for everyone. It doesn’t make matters any better that our fellow commuters are still somehow unaware of the unspoken rules of commuting via public transport.

That’s right, we’re talking about you loud talkers, smelly-food-eaters, and definitely all you incessant pushers.

Because we are fed up and have no time for that bullshit, we’ve rounded up the 10 commandments of commuting in any major city.

Check it out – and take notes!

Thou shalt not hold the doors – seriously, stop doing that. Remember…

Thou shalt not hog the pole…

…or take up more than one seat.

When it comes to pregnant people, elderly people and children you have two choices: avoid eye contact (we suggest pretending to sleep) or give up the seat. Your choice, but…

Thou shalt not eat on the train, in the bus or on the ferry – especially if it’s messy, smelly or you’re an open-mouth-chewer…

Thou shall keep personal conversations just that – personal. We don’t all need to know that Jimmy cheated on Veronica with so-and-so.

On that note, headphones were invented for personal entertainment – we love the new Beyonce album as much as the next guy but please, mind your volume.

Patience is a virtue; We’ve all got places to be, but if the train car’s full, the bus is crowded or the ferry is standing room only, don’t push. Just wait for the next one.

Thou shalt not fight. Because…

Save it for the gym.

Public Transportation is crowded as hell, thou shalt not take up an entire seat with your bag or feet…

…Same goes for your bike. Pedal on home!

Lastly, there shall be no drunken puking on busses, trains or ferries…


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