You always hear stories about how folks in Florida do wild and crazy things, or how Georgians are bizarre — but you can always count on big cities like Detroit to have the most peculiar situations happen on a seemingly regular day. Just like when one man brought a goat with him along on the […]

Sometimes it’s necessary that you bring the party no matter where you go. Four kids from Lagos, Nigeria definitely got the memo when they showed off their moves to DJ Spinall and WizKid‘s “Nowo.” Watch the Dreamcatchers show you how it’s done below!

This Wednesday, a self-driving shuttle bus was being tested for the first time in Las Vegas. It spent only a few hours on the street before a delivery truck backed into it. According to New York Daily News, the bus did everything it was supposed to do — its sensors noticed the truck backing up […]

A New York woman was caught leaving her 5-year-old granddaughter in an unheated car at the Resort World Casino in Queens. After not being allowed to bring the child inside, Renee Osby took the girl back to the car, left her inside, and then proceeded to head into the casino to gamble. Once security guards […]

An Italian ferry off the coast of the Greek island Corfu caught fire this morning. Approximately 423 passengers and 55 crew members remained trapped in the ferry due to bad weather and choppy seas. We pray for everyone’s safety during this time. [Daily Mail] Officials in Seattle are currently searching for a man who stabbed […]

If you live in a major city, chances are you’ve had to subject yourself to the necessary evil that is public transportation. Whether its trains, busses, or ferries, all public transportation totally blows. It’s slow, it smells, something’s always broken (or a passenger’s “sick”), and there’s almost never enough space for everyone. It doesn’t make […]

The 14-year-old who is being accused of firing a gun on a MTA bus in Brooklyn will stand trial as an adult, according to New York City prosecutors. Authorities have charged Kahton Anderson with second-degree murder following the death of Angel Rojas, a 39-year-old passenger on the bus who was on his way home from […]

A new video of a woman, who appears to be on some sort of substance while nodding off on a public bus, has surfaced and it breaks our hearts. The more disturbing part of the video is the fact that her young daughter, who is only 7-years-old, is trying to wake her up. As someone catches the […]

An armed robber got on the wrong bus and is definitely paying the toll now. On November 25, a Seattle man attempted to rob passengers on a West Seattle-bound Metro bus, approaching two riders and demanding their cellphones. He walked towards the front of the bus and shoved his gun in another passenger’s face. But the […]

So this happened. A 10-year-old Brooklyn boy was kicked off a New York City bus after reciting a common prayer in Arabic (usually used in the face of a challenge) because he couldn’t find his MetroCard. Now, a new lawsuit filed Friday in Brooklyn Federal Court alleges that not only did the driver ban the boy […]