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So this happened.

A 10-year-old Brooklyn boy was kicked off a New York City bus after reciting a common prayer in Arabic (usually used in the face of a challenge) because he couldn’t find his MetroCard.

Now, a new lawsuit filed Friday in Brooklyn Federal Court alleges that not only did the driver ban the boy from the bus, but he also called him a terrorist.

“[The child] said it as he was trying to find his card so he could get home,” said Hyder Naqvi, lawyer for the boy and his family.

“He’s a young boy, but he’s old enough to know what discrimination is.”

Naqvi said the incident occurred as the boy was boarding the B-39 bus on his way home from school this month. After frantically looking for his card, the boy recited this prayer:

“I stand in the name of God the most merciful, the most beneficent.”

That’s when the driver became angry, called the child a terrorist and slammed the door shut.

Now, the family is suing the agency and the driver for unspecified damages, charging religious discrimination and civil-rights abuses.

And though MTA met with the family, they didn’t disclose specifics about the driver. They have also yet to comment on the lawsuit.


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