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A New York woman was caught leaving her 5-year-old granddaughter in an unheated car at the Resort World Casino in Queens. After not being allowed to bring the child inside, Renee Osby took the girl back to the car, left her inside, and then proceeded to head into the casino to gamble. Once security guards became suspicious, they located her car, and then called police. [Boston News Time]

A North Carolina man was beaten to a bloody pulp after his sister’s ex-boyfriend tailgated him on the highway, resulting in both men pulling over. The man was beaten by 19-year-old Justin Howard, who he had a restraining order on. The whole ordeal was caught on video. [Daily Mail]

A bus crashed and rolled over in Shoreline, Washington, and it was carrying the Kings High School basketball team, resulting in 10 hospitalizations. The incident occurred just after 10 P.M. due to a brake failure – and it was all after the team’s big win at their district championship game. [Komo News]

A new viral video was released by ISIS, and it claims that the group has beheaded over a dozen members of Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority. The video apparently shows a mass execution with jihadists standing behind each victim, who are dressed in orange jumpsuits. [CNN]


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