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While you’re probably not on Twitter to follow companies you nonchalantly buy from at the grocery store or hit up via the drive-through at 2AM, some of these unassuming – and pretty random – corporations truly kill it in the Twitterverse.

Yes, there are companies on Twitter that don’t just primarily push their products and even when they do, they have a good way at hiding it. Whether it’s an awards show or some other pop culture happening that everyone is bandwagoning on, these companies are usually on it, using 140 characters to do genius things.

Check out our list of company Twitters that you shouldn’t sleep on below.

1) Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s Twitter has definitely made everyone fall in love with them – whether you’re a fan of the food or not. From sending hilarious Valentine’s cards to their followers to giving out “Breakfast Phones,” they sure know how to make you ultimately want a taco.

2) Hamburger Helper

Between Juicy J lyrics, references to Cousin Terrio and “the thirst,” the person running Hamburger Helper’s Twitter sounds like our new best friend.

3) DiGiorno Pizza

As it should, DiGiorno Pizza references just about anything and everything in relation to pizza – in a really snarky way.

4) Skittles

Skittles’ Twitter account is comparable to their random and awkwardly funny commercials.

5) Old Spice

Everyone knows Old Spice has hilarious ads, but their Twitter tends to drops gems like this from time to time.

6) Waffle House

For those who don’t live near a Waffle House, they have a hilarious Twitter to ease your pain.

7) Arby’s

Classic example of seeing a window of opportunity and taking it.

8) Charmin

Charmin seems to understand life’s most awkward struggles.

9) Men’s Humor

Just about anyone can get a daily kick out of the Men’s Humor account.

10) The White House

OK, the White House Twitter isn’t usually this funny, but let us never forget the time they flawlessly referenced Mean Girls and let us know that they’re down with the early 2000s cult classic.


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