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When you make as many millions a day like Floyd Mayweather, it’s not surprising that you don’t feel like one woman is enough for you. Earlier this week, during an interview with YouTube’s Awkward Puppets, the undefeated boxing champ revealed that he currently has seven girlfriends. He told Diego the Puppet, “How many women do […]

Michael Rapaport has an announcement for Conor McGregor —get ready for a beat down. TMZ caught up with the comedian and actor, who had a front-and-center view of Floyd Mayweather‘s training session on Thursday. The boxer is gearing up to face McGregor in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. “He’s going to […]

Who knew we'd say the day when Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather have been deemed "mortal enemies?"

Conor McGregor caught major heat earlier this week after racially taunting Floyd Mayweather during a fight event in Toronto on Tuesday — now the UFC fighter claims he has “proof” that he’s not a racist. On Thursday, during the Brooklyn, New York stop on the Mayweather/McGregor tour, Conor boasted that there’s no way he could […]

  Conor McGregor is losing before he even gets the chance to compete with Floyd Mayweather. During the fighters first joint promotional appearance, McGregor’s trash talk went from regular taunting to racially offensive. As Floyd showed off his shadowboxing moves at the Staples Center on Tuesday, McGregor was heard yelling, “Dance for me, boy!” before quickly changing […]

With rumors circulating that big money spender Floyd Mayweather owes approximately $100 million in back taxes, rival Conor McGregor has had every opportunity to poke a little fun at the champ.

Floyd Mayweather‘s title as an undisputed boxing champion affords him the opportunity to say whatever he wants about whoever he wants — and Floyd always gives his opinion. The boxing legend chatted with DJ Whoo Kid about everything from his potential fight with Conor McGregor to his thoughts on the current state of hip-hop. Although […]

When you’re the champ, you get the advantage of doing what you want, how you want — and Floyd Mayweather is taking full advantage. Most boxers would be in the gym non-stop when they have a huge match coming up in a couple of months, but not Floyd. The undisputed fighter is too busy ripping […]

The UFC star graced the cover of GQ Style Magazine and opened up about everything from his feelings about Donald Trump, to his creepy obsession with Khloe Kardashian.

Chance The Rapper takes a few moments to make sure those who need coats in Chicago have them.