“I like the way Candace Owens thinks,” tweeted Yeezy about the conservative pundit, sending social media into a frenzy.

Stacey Dash has found herself in hot water again with the court of public opinion. The actress (and social media troll) spoke out in favor of the North Carolina and Mississippi bathroom laws that require transgender people to use the bathroom that aligns with the sex on their birth certificate. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGH4o48mCfF/?taken-by=realstaceyldash&hl=en Aside from slamming Caitlyn Jenner […]


A candidate running for the Texas State Board of Education -- who, if elected, will determine what goes into children's textbooks -- is facing backlash over comments made on social media about President Obama and the Civil War.

Well, this is a new one. Actress Stacey Dash has become known for her ultra conservative views, including calling rape victims “bad girls,” and inexplicably supporting Mitt Romney in the 2012 elections. Now, our favorite Clueless character is taking on the issue of gender inequality – specifically, the lack of equal pay for women. While appearing […]

What we’re about to show you won’t come as a surprise if you watch Fox News, especially if you caught any of these incidents that prove their hosts hate women (trust, it was painful to put this list together). And it won’t come as a surprise if you’ve kept up with conservative sweetheart and impetus for the […]

Never mind the fact that President Obama’s appearance on Zach Galifianakis’ “Between Two Ferns” to discuss Obamacare actually worked (the affordable health care marketplace reached the 4.2 million mark on Wednesday). Fox News host Bill O’Reilly will still have something to say about the way the President uses new media, and smartly so, to promote initiatives […]