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Last night was the biggest for film, and after many predictions as to who was going to win the most prestigious “Best Actor” award, and which film would take the cake as “Best Picture,” the little gold men were finally handed out.   PHOTOS: Rolling Stone Pre-Oscar Party Pops Natalie Portman won “Best Actress” for […]


To all those kubrick (block-style Japanese figurines) collectors out there, Medicom Toy, fragment design and OriginalFake have teamed up to release a limited edition ‘Chogokin’ Be@rbrick in 100% size. Because it is ‘Chogokin,’ the new toy will weigh in at 400g, much heavier than previous models.    All the joints of the Be@rbrick are movable, […]

The summer heat started early this year, and so did the great summer blockbusters! Many of the movies released this summer were some of the most anticipated blockbusters for the year. The movies ranged from sequels of past hit films to re-makes of some classics. With the summer coming to an end faster than we’d […]


The Robotox Celcius Custom Show in L.A. will be featuring some of the most intricately designed toys that are only one breath away from coming to life.  Overall, the aesthetic screams lovable monsters, creating a new population of aliens that must be added to our toy collection. Kid Robot may have been the pioneer of […]

Toy Story 4 Cones Of Ice-Cream I love Pixar!  They are the F.A.O Schwartz for movie lovers!   These folks do deliver…and how.  But let’s just cut to the chase: why can’t the rest of Hollywood be just like Pixar? Toy Story 3 is a wickedly good movie and quite frankly, one of the best movies […]

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<p>&nbsp;</p><p>It was reported a couple of days ago that the latest Dissected Companion Be@rbrick, color-blasted all grey, was releasing on the 27th&hellip;and it still is at specific retail spots. However, according to the message that i just got in my inbox, KAWS latest release will be available tomorrow, March 26th at noon over at KAWS&rsquo; […]

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<p>Send a Ball is the name of a business which is run by a family of the United States. Headquarter of this Inc. is situated in the state of Chicago. Two</p>

<p>They say that necessity is the mother of invention. But who gets to define what right necessities are and what are wrong necessities? You would probably think</p>

<p>This floating Car Wash offers over 8 imaginative play activities including scooping, pouring, straining and squirting water. Mesh pocket and convenient hook allow for easy storage. Appropriate for ages 9 months and up.</p>