Tomoe "Beasty" Carr won Red Bull's Dance Your Style qualifier in Boston on September 9th. At just 20-years-old, Carr beat out both female and male seasoned competitors with her confident moves, which include elements of hip-hop, house, waacking, locking, popping, breaking, ballet and modern dance styles.

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Jalaiah Harmon is the quintessential Black teenager. Now a sophomore in high school, the ATLien burst onto the scene when her TikTok choreography for the Renegade Challenge went viral. At just 14, Jalaiah would see the dance moves she created in just ten minutes on the way to dance class appear everywhere, from television shows, to social media platforms, to news segments, to NBA courts. The only thing missing, was the creator herself.

We live in a world where people will tell you what you can’t do just because they can’t do them.   Thank goodness for the strong minded folks who don’t let the naysayers stop their shine. Like deaf dancer Chris Fonseca. The London native developed meningitis at a very young age he was made completely […]

Street dance is determined by skills, showmanship and the hype of the crowd.

From Don Cornelius to Dem Franchize Boyz, these major figures did it for the culture.

Various Ursher tracks will have your legs up like a "Peace Sign."

Hot off a Ciara music video appearance, Queen P leads a dance style into the global spotlight.