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With over 20 years in the game, Usher‘s music has been putting people in the mood for a long time now.

Current debates on who’s the king of R&B have had people jaded and in their feelings, but don’t get it twisted – Usher’s been making the bedroom bangers, quite possibly, since you were born.

On Tuesday, Ursher dropped the music video for “Peace Sign” from his latest studio album A, and its visuals are filled with sexy lighting, sensual camerawork and yes…

Long poles in da bedroom. 

Women in the video linger between intimacy and full-on sexy to the point where your inner stripper might be activated.

Check out the chemistry for yourself below.


This isn’t the first time Usher’s brought out the sensuality in people.

No matter your gender, you can’t tell me Usher hasn’t made you want to practice your stroke game with a well executed body role or calculated positioning of the hips.

With each note, with each snare, Usher should be taking you deeper into the unexplored crevices of your body until you’re one big walking sex machine.

Your partner will thank you later.


Many dancers already know what’s up thanks to their well executed Usher choreography.

She’Meka Ann and her squad were prepped and ready when they tried out her steamy choreo for “Peace Sign.” Heels sold separately.


For those of you who have lovers & friends (with benefits of course), Nicole Kirkland will get you nice and right for your situation-ship thanks to her “Lovers and Friends” choreo.


Meanwhile, the Confessions era is always a proper time to dim the lights and put on a show for “the one.” Just take your cue from Will Adams a.k.a. WildaBeast who made good use of his choreography for “That’s What It’s Made For.”


You need a “Bad Girl,” Marissa Heart and her squad of dancers are here for you.


As for the climax, nothing can build the tension more than Usher’s classic bedroom song “Can You Handle It.” Choreographer Alexander Chung and his team brought their own classic sensuality to the slow simmer song.


So as you have witnessed, Usher is the king of getting you open and moving…however you interpret it.

Whether you need some moves for the stripper pole or some wavy energy for under the covers, various dancers have exemplified what Usher’s songs are all about.

Even his complicated break-up songs will make you want to body roll on the nearest willing participant. Just peep CJ Salvador‘s rigorous choreography for “Say What You Want.”


If you’ve got the moves, Usher has the tunes…

And our sex lives are eternally grateful.