Django star Daniele Watts and her boyfriend, chef Brian James Lucas, have been charged with lewd conduct for allegedly engaging in sexual acts in public. Watts made headlines for her arrest last month when she accused an LAPD officer of mistaking her for a prostitute for showing affection to Lucas in his car. The couple was […]

The story of Daniele Watts and the LAPD has taken a strange turn, as photos reveal that the Django Unchained actress was doing more than kissing her boyfriend when she was detained last week. TMZ has obtained photos of the “lewd acts” the actress and boyfriend Brian James Lucas were accused of. Workers in a […]

The Los Angeles police sergeant who handcuffed and detained Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts last week is defending his treatment of the star, saying the situation escalated when she refused to give her name. Watts and her celebrity chef boyfriend Brian James Lucas have contacted the NAACP and lawyers to review the incident. The two claim officers […]

Daniele Watts, the Django Unchained actress who was detained after Los Angeles police suspected she was a prostitute, has contacted the NAACP, accusing the police of racism and discrimination. Watts, who is African-American, was handcuffed on September 11 after showing affection in public with her boyfriend, who is white. Police told CNN Sunday that Watts […]