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Django star Daniele Watts and her boyfriend, chef Brian James Lucas, have been charged with lewd conduct for allegedly engaging in sexual acts in public.

Watts made headlines for her arrest last month when she accused an LAPD officer of mistaking her for a prostitute for showing affection to Lucas in his car. The couple was charged with one misdemeanor each and can face time in jail for their actions.

Watts and Lucas were each charged with one misdemeanor count for allegedly engaging in lewd conduct, CBSLA confirmed via the City Attorney’s office. They face a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. They are due in court for an arraignment Nov. 13.

“We were sent a collection of evidence from law enforcement, and after review, our prosecutors felt filing was appropriate,” LAPD spokesman Frank Mateljan told the New York Daily News about the charges.

While Watts accused the police for racial profiling, photos revealed her top was raised as she sat on top of Lucas near an office building in Studio City, California. Workers came outside and told the couple to stop, but they continued, prompting onlookers to call the police.

The actress has been vocal about the incident and continues to maintain her innocence.

Sgt. Jim Parker, another officer who was at the scene released his own audio of the arrest which told a different story. The officer believes he might lose his job for leaking the tapes to the public.

Watts and Lucas are expected to be arraigned on November 13.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | VIDEO CREDIT: News Inc.