One daredevil took athleticism to a whole new level when he tried something we don’t recommend at home. Watch Zavell Perry show off his gymnastics skills below to peep how practice mixed with bravery can make for an amazing show.  

Extreme sports rider Travis Pastrana pulled an epic move in London on Thursday. The daredevil executed a backflip jump over a 75 feet gap between two barges on London’s River Thames. He only had 150 feet to accelerate before the jump and 36 feet to come to a stop before he would have fallen in […]

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Here is a CliffsNotes version of what’s important and some things to look for in season two.

Lady Gaga has joined the prominent group of celebrities in support of Kesha.

We apologize in advance for all the hearts we’re about to break. The following news is deeply upsetting and unfortunately 100 percent true: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner‘s marriage is no more. The couple just celebrated their 10-year anniversary on Monday. They originally met on set of the 2003 movie Daredevil, fell in love, were quickly married, and are now parents […]

There’s just one episode left of Game Of Thrones season 5, and episode 9 was off the chain. “Dance of Dragons” showed off some stellar CGI, compelling story lines, cruel moments, and tons of action. Tyrion realizes Daenerys is the one, Stannis makes a tough decision, and more. Check out a behind the scenes look at […]