With each day, it seems technology is reaching new heights and robotics company Boston Dynamics is apart of the party. Recently, they released a video of their dog-like robot SpotMini and it’s sending chills throughout the Internet! If you ever wanted your dog to open doors for you, SpotMini is at your service. Peep the […]

Of course Twitter chimed in and here’s what they had to say…  

On Saturday, one dog owner captured the attention of the Internet with a challenge that has since gone viral. Carrie and Steven DuComb of Michigan said they heard golden retrievers can hold eggs in their mouths without cracking it because they have gentle jaws. They decided to test out the idea and they filmed their […]

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and people are already planning their creative gifts for a loved one. One mom and daughter were thinking the same thing when prepping their sentiments. After losing the family dog, Natalie Rice thought it would be a good idea to surprise her mom with an early present — […]

You'll never guess what the little guy is barking at.

Let’s face it, everyone isn’t cut out to be a dog owner. You have to groom them, feed them, walk them, and make sure their overall well-being is good. Some folks can barely do this for themselves, let alone a canine. Owning a pet is not for the lazy at heart. While others might be thrilled, […]

Any pet owner knows dogs can be a little extra when they encounter another canine. In one hilarious video, a dog just saw their reflection and went nuts. Now with a few reposts, millions of views, and some love from Ellen, Jolene the dog has gone viral. Check out their melt down in the video […]

One animal lover took on a big risk by rescuing a dog stuck in a frozen river. RSPCA Inspector Jaqui Miller swooped in like superwoman and slid across the icy surface to pull the dog, Hardy, out. The heroic scene took place in the frigid weather of Northumberland, England. Check out the amazing footage below. […]

Common has been killing the acting game over the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down. We caught up with the Oscar winning star at the New York City red carpet premiere of Megan Leavey, which tells the true story of the title character and her relationship with her U.S. Marine combat service […]

Malcolm X's daughter and granddaughter were arrested on Wednesday after allegedly stealing a U-Haul containing a bunch of mistreated dogs.