Donald Trump

Two NASCAR drivers got into a physical altercation after one driver lightly tapped the side of the other guy’s car. The fight was broken up quickly and neither driver won the race. [Complex] Five children and three adults were found dead in a Houston home following their encounter with a gunman on Saturday evening. Deputies discovered […]


Thursday evening’s GOP Debate devoted less than a minute to police brutality and the “Black Lives Matter” movement. According to the International Business Times, Wisconsin Gov. Scott…

Kelly Osbourne attempted to put Donald Trump on blast for his ignorant, bigoted remarks regarding Mexicans, but in the process

Donald Trump‘s accession to the GOP presidential candidacy throne has been swift, but not without Trump-isms that read as glaring red flags not only in his presidential candidacy, but in his general life view. Take, for instance, Trump’s inflammatory comment regarding how he envisions Mexican border control should be improved, labeling Mexicans as rapists and […]

Hollywood suffered greatly when Paul Walker passed away on November 30, 2013. The young and talented actor died in a car crash during the same time he was filming Furious 7, and brother Cody Walker took the reigns on his role. Now, Cody is making a name for himself. The 27-year-old scored his first supporting role in a significant feature film […]

There’s nothing that can escape the heat of the internet; not even the world’s most wanted criminal “El Chapo.” The internet was on fire this week after Mexican drug lord Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán Loera escaped a maximum security prison via the tunnels through his shower. Now, the web is suggesting that Chapo escaped to go […]


Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb said the Democratic party has “moved way far to the left,” in an interview with Fox News Sunday; he also backed southern…

Benzino has embarked on a new venture: the restaurant business. The former Love & Hip-Hop star opened up a new seafood restaurant in Marietta, Georgia called “Benzino’s Crab Trap.” The grand opening of the restaurant is July 19th. Will you be paying it a visit? Serena Williams has done it again! Williams went on to become the […]


After insulting Mexican immigrants in America, grandiloquent billionaire Donald Trump has blasted his way to the top of the list of Republican presidential candidates in…

America Ferrera is the latest celebrity to fire back at Donald Trump over his racist comments against Latinos – only this time, there was a “thank you” involved. Click here to read what she had to say. [Just Jared] The Washington State Department of Health has confirmed the first United States measles death in over twelve years. […]


Donald Trump isn't letting up from his statements on immigration, defending his disparaging comments in a Wednesday interview with CNN's Don Lemon. The businessman has faced

Socially Decoded would like to take the time to point out how ridiculous most of new presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s tweets are. Like the time he wondered why Barack Obama was playing basketball. Or how about that time he told the “haters” about his high IQ? We tapped some of the funniest people we could gather […]