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Americans are stuck to their computer and phone screens awaiting updates for the 2020 Election results. Last night, many people fell asleep in distress wondering if President Donald Trump would take home another election. The predictions did not at all seem hopeful for the Democrats rooting for presidential nominee Joe Biden to be elected into office. That is until thousands of mail-in ballots were sent in showing that Biden may actually win some of the historically Republican-leaning states such as Michigan and Wisconsin.

Voters across social media platforms have been hilariously commentating on every move as votes are being counted. Everyone seems to be trying to laugh to keep from crying at the political banter that has ensued since the beginning of this election season. There are enough posts on Twitter and Instagram to compile a list of downright comedic takes on what is currently happening in America’s long-awaited 2020 Election. Laugh now, cry later.

This clip was used from the movie Bringing Down The House starring Queen Latifah and Steve Martin. It had the timeline cracking up last night. Someone really said this is going to be millennials calling their parents.

Here is a tweet misquoting rapper TI. People are so desperate for change, they are rearranging lyrics to songs as a plea for Biden to save America from the ghetto.

As soon as those mail in ballots came in, the timeline was shooketh. This clip from Little Women: Atlanta never gets old.

Just when the country believed Trump was up to take 16 electoral votes from Michigan, it now appears to be a very close race. Biden is currently (Nov. 4 11:36 am PT) up by 0.7% against Trump in the state of Michigan. Voters strongly believe that Joe Biden can take Michigan home which would be quite shocking considering the states history.

This is certainly Trump trying to embellish the story and the process of counting ballots. He made a statement last night falsely reporting the numbers declaring his victory over presidential candidate Joe Biden. According to reports from CNN, The Trump campaign has recently released a statement saying it has filed a lawsuit in Michigan asking the state to halt counting until it receives “meaningful access” to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process.

The American people have been biting their fingers watching this race. It truly feels like a close game of football when the underdog sweeps their opponent. All we can do is pray for a victory in the name of democracy.

The results are coming in so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep up with the numbers. Joe Biden and President Trump are competing for swing states as they rival in the last crunch of this election.

Count it all joy! Voters from DC, Maryland and Virginia are dancing as results show that Joe Biden won in the entire region.

Yesterday, many people were discouraged before polling places even closed. A lot of unenthusiastic voters expressed their willingness to leave this wretched country on social media. Emotions are a bit high as we continue to watch this election in real time. There is hope that Black folks will not have to flea to Africa, but we don’t blame you if you do.

Georgia is definitely a state to watch. After political figures like former President Barack Obama, artists 2 Chainz and Monica and more rallied for a last minute push, rival campaigns are relying heavily on the state to win. Governor Kemp has shown his stance and morality this year alone when it comes to the people of Georgia so this response is certainly very on brand for the Georgia governor.

It is quite alright to laugh. This one is from a scene in the classic film Friday where Smokey’s mom gives him money and simply says, “Make it enough.” Shannon Sharpe tweeted this photoshopped meme version from the movie with Trump’s face on it. It’s truly the braids for us.

President Donald Trump has had a lot to say about “Sleepy Joe.” However, Joe Biden woke up feeling revived this morning and it doesn’t look like he’s falling asleep any time soon.

Instagram user, @rayyyrayyy___, says that the votes don’t count unless Mr. 47, 48, 49 counts them himself. Most of you remember @soytiet’s viral video singing and counting to 50. This is the type of comedy we need for such a draining day. 

This Twitter user proposes that we simply reveal who won on Inauguration Day. She coined it “The Masked President.”
People are getting creative as we witness something that has never been done in the history of any American presidential election. Americans will continue to standby as votes are still being counted, President Trump challenges the votes that have been recognized in states he’s lost and ultimately the season finale of a really crappy political reality show unfold before the public’s eyes. Stay updated on the election results here.

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