Voters across social media platforms have been hilariously commentating on every move as votes are being counted. There are enough posts on Twitter and Instagram to compile a list of downright comedic takes on what is currently happening in America's long-awaited 2020 Election.

*Whitney Houston voice: Wendy, Wendy, Wendy. Once again dabbling in the land of messy, this time for some comments you made about an iconic gospel group — The Clark Sisters. On your show Wednesday, you brought up Snoop Dogg‘s chart topping gospel album Bible of Love and instead of just ending on a positive note, […]

Tiffany Haddish is such a ball of positive energy that anyone who comes for her is either a hater or hurting — or both.   Just like most folks in Hollywood, we’re smitten with Tiff’s authenticity and ability to light up any room she enters: via GIPHY Her honesty is another attribute that makes folks […]

Chadwick Boseman has heard a lot of the same questions over and over again during the press run for Black Panther — but somehow his laugh always seems to be authentic and refreshing. Boseman’s laugh is so contagious that there’s even a Twitter page named after it, called “One Nation, Under O’koyé…and Chadwick’s Laugh.” Watch […]

Everyone likes to give commentary once in a while, especially when watching a major event. Comedian Leslie Jones took side-talk to a whole new level when she decided to give her thoughts on the Winter Olympic sports. All throughout the weekend, the Saturday Night Live star flooded her Twitter timeline with jokes about various competitions. […]

Back in 2016, an Australian New Year’s Eve special had the most uncomfortable countdown you could imagine. Watch the hosts of The Loop try to get their guests excited for 2017 with no success. Ultimately, the funny clip ended up being a skit, but it serves as one example of how to not bring in […]

Keaton Jones caused an uproar on social media when his mom, Kimberly Jones, posted a video of him in tears for being bullied. Many folks, including celebrities, initially supported Keaton. However, it was later discovered that his mom has pics with her family holding Confederate flags and Keaton’s dad is a reported White supremacist. Folks […]

For most people, December marks the holiday season — a time meant for family, food and the spirit of giving. However, college students also know this time as the dreaded finals season. For everyone out there hustling on that last assignment, we hear you, we see you, we feel you. A song in your honor…

One concert goer was hit with the unexpected at a Katy Perry concert in Salt Lake City. During the show, random beach balls (that looked like eyeballs) were bouncing around the crowd and eventually one landed on stage. Katy took a swing at the ball with her leg and it hit one video recorder square […]

It’s real out here in the sea world and one octopus let it be known that you have to know how to avoid the sharks. Learn what it means to be resourceful below, as this octopus uses sea shells to leave a shark empty and confused when they’re looking for a meal. Surely we can […]

Potato salad can be the Holy Grail of many family gatherings. There always seems to be that one person who can whip up the dish like no other…and then there’s that person who should just stay away from the potatoes. Watch actor and comedian Kalen Allen give hilarious commentary on someone trying to make potato […]