Singer Sia receives backlash from Autistic community after the release of the trailer for her film Music, about a girl with the condition.

Sadly, NYFW is officially winding down. But, there's a lot to celebrate in what this season had to offer.

A group of basketball players from Wisconsin were praised by classmates for defending a bullied cheerleader with down syndrome during a recent game. According to Bleacher Report, the teens were playing at Lincoln Middle School on Monday when they noticed Desiree Andrews being teased during her routine. Quickly taking action, the teens walked off the court to calmly tell […]

A trip to the movie theater turned deadly for a man with Down syndrome last month, when he was arrested and then died in police custody. VIDEO: DAMN! Teen Suffers Serious Face Wound, Blames NYPD For Police Brutality  Robert Saylor’s death in New Market, Md. is now being called a homicide. He was reportedly killed after […]

It might seem like an extreme confidence booster to his parents, but 6-year-old male model Ryan is making major strides for the Down-syndrome community. STORY: Nicole Scherzinger Opens Up about Aunt With Down Syndrome  Ryan, who suffers from Down syndrome, has appeared in major ads for Target and Nordstrom. The decision to include Ryan in […]


Today I stand in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of students in Iran who are risking their lives by taking to the streets to peacefully protest their government.  It is this type of courage, commitment and sacrifice taken by young people around the world that inspires me everyday.  After the government of Iran tried […]