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It might seem like an extreme confidence booster to his parents, but 6-year-old male model Ryan is making major strides for the Down-syndrome community.

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Ryan, who suffers from Down syndrome, has appeared in major ads for Target and Nordstrom. The decision to include Ryan in the various ads by these major companies is a major step for the Down syndrome community because there is virtually no media representation of those that suffer from it.

Ryan’s mom blogged recently:

“The whole process of modeling is an extreme confidence booster for him. He received so much warmth and caring from the Nordstrom crew that he thought they were there just for him! We are honored that Ryan is making the Down-syndrome community proud. He is a beautiful boy inside and out. He makes us better parents, and a better family.”

16-month-old Taya Kennedy is another model with Down syndrome who is also working in fashion. 

Together these two children are rewriting and revamping the way Down-syndrome is viewed by the world. 

SOURCE: Noah’s Dad