Dr Dre

Looks like the Detox may be coming. Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar hit the lab in the new Beats By Dre commercial. In an effort to promote the Pill and Pill XL speakers, Dr. Dre and Kendrick are filmed tirelessly working on a new untitled track. The “Control” rapper and his mentor play around with the […]

Dr. Dre is undoubtedly dominating the headphone game right now, while in the fashion arena, New York-based Alexander Wang is the go-to man for all things hip. So a collaboration between the two makes more than enough sense, and it also makes for some beautiful product. The resulting collection of Wang x Dre headphones features […]

A 21-year-old man was gunned down in broad daylight after refusing to give an armed man his expensive Beats by Dre headphones on Sunday. Christian Massey was shot in a Philadelphia alley where children were playing nearby. According to NBC: The armed man first demanded Massey’s Dr. Dre Beats headphones. Massey did not comply and […]

Friday the 13th is undoubtedly the freakiest day of the year. If you’re superstitious, today is probably the day you want to avoid all inanimate objects like ladders and random street scaffolding, JUST IN CASE something freaky happens. With the looming fear of Friday the 13th plaguing many superstitious people in Western society, we decided […]

OK, so there’s good news and better news. Good news: Eminem has a new album coming out this year. Better news: it’s coming sooner than you think. Moments ago, during the 2013 VMAS, Eminem officially announced his new album, MMLP2, which will be the sequel to 2000’s Marshal Mather’s LP, which is universally recognized as […]

You can now listen to your ratchet hood tunes with sleek sophistication. It seems like Beats By Dre Studio headphones have been around longer than its five-year span, considering they are universally donned on the ears of both celebs and pedestrians. But now the popular earphones are changing the soundwave as they undergo a paramount […]


Last time we checked in with DJ, designer, and all-around creator Aaron LaCrate, he released the official Fela Kuti x Milkcrate Athletics collaboration T-shirt, but this time around, things are only getting bigger and better.  A recent collaboration with Milkcrate Athletics and Beats by Dre is bringing you the illest headphones just in time for summer. The headphones embody the […]

Nicki Minaj is teaming up with Beats By Dre for the launch of her limited edition Pink Pill speakers. 12 Sexiest Screenshots From Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne’s New Video For “High School” To suit the occasion, Nicki was looking all pretty-in-pink in a floral spring time dress rocking her typical sky-high pink platforms heels, […]

Will Dr. Dre‘s Detox ever see the light of day? VIDEO: Forget The Throne, Affion Crockett Wants You To “Watch The Clone!” The highly anticipated album is already being viewed as one of those projects that will likely never happen, but you never know with Dre. In 2011, hip-hop’s legendary producer released “I Need A Doctor” featuring […]

Dr. Dre hasn’t released an album since 1999’s 2001 LP. Even though it’s been a span of 13 years since Dre put out a project, the legendary rapper and producer tops Forbes‘ list of the World’s 25 Highest-Paid Musicians.   LIST: The Forbes Five: Diddy & Jay-Z Top Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists  From May 2011 to May 2012, Dre […]

Dr. Dre‘s Detox used to be the most anxiously awaited album in rap history, but as time goes on, it seems more and more like hip-hop folklore. VIDEO: THREE KINGS: Kendrick Lamar Plays Andre 3000 & Dr. Dre “B*tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe!” However, Compton’s hottest rapper right now, Kendrick Lamar, may have rekindled hope […]

Yesterday, Beats By Dre introduced a new product called the Pill.  The Pill is a revolutionary new portable speaker that comes in the shape of, you guessed it, a pill. It will run you about $199 and it’s pretty damn cool. PHOTOS: Tyga Buys His Family A New 6.5 Million Dollar Home The speaker doesn’t need […]