We’re quickly approaching the end of another Black History Month, and the conversation surrounding the necessity for Carter G. Woodson’s ode to black excellence is just as intense as it was when we ushered in February four weeks ago. In short, some people are upset that it still exists. Like this guy: And this person: And […]

The summer of 2014 was arguably one of the most transformative in recent history — the nation saw a resurgence of resistance against injustice and police brutality following the death of a number of unarmed black people at the hands of law enforcement and, as a result, electrified a movement that doesn’t seem to be slowing down […]

At the start of the year, a delegation of freedom fighters for black liberation representing Black Lives Matter, The Dream Defenders, the Black Youth Project 100, New York Justice League, and more traveled to Palestine to stand in solidarity with those living under Israeli occupation. The 10-day trip — co-organized by Dream Defenders’ legal and policy director, Palestinian American Ahmad […]


Since 1948, Palestinians have suffered under the Israeli military occupation and struggled to obtain basic human rights. Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, as well as within Israeli proper where they account for 20 percent of the population, face severe inequality and injustice. Israeli’s mistreatment of those that don’t fit the mold of who […]

On Tuesday, members of The Dream Defenders, an organization directed by black and brown youth who combat systemic inequality, gathered to confront Florida lawmakers at the Capitol, expressing their concerns over the hyper-incarceration of minorities and laws, like the controversial Stand Your Ground measure, that begets legal violence against these groups. On the first day of […]

On Saturday, Ta-Nehisi Coates, a national correspondent at The Atlantic, articulated the sentiments of black mothers and fathers everywhere who live in an America where unarmed black teens can lawfully be killed because of the sheer fear their person evokes. In a beautifully written, but disheartening op-ed, Coates wrote his response to the Michael Dunn verdict, which ended […]

On Tuesday, after President Obama delivered his State of the Union Address, a powerful movement of young people delivered theirs — a call for social justice and equality that came on the heels of the group’s pre-State of the Union #BarackTalk Twitter Townhall (where civic engagement groups talked about priorities of millions of young voters […]

The sit-in might be over, but the work is just beginning. The Dream Defenders, a group of students determined to help repeal the controversial Stand Your Ground law, have ended their month-long protest at the Florida Capitol. Executive Director Phillip Angew made the announcement that the movement had grown too powerful for the halls of […]

The Dream Defenders are at it again, and this time, they have some supporters to back them up as they take over Florida. In their fight to repeal the controversial Stand Your Ground law, the Defenders invited those who have been directly affected by the legislation to tell their story at the Florida state capital. […]