New reports state nursing homes across the United States have been hit hard by the deadly disease; details inside.

In a video that has since gone viral, one man is at his lady Lauren's window as she cries to him. 

How old are you? After a while, you stop counting. Could you imagine being in your 90’s and having to remember how old you truly are? Watch this video of a man finding out he’s only a year and a half away from turning 100 years old. His reaction is priceless!    

Who says you lose your skills when you get older? This athletic grandma is holding it down for the older generation by showing the world she’s still got it! If you thought she would lose her soccer skills at 67, you thought wrong. Check out the video below to see this young lady get down! […]

Things got completely out of hand at a pool party, according to a video that has gone viral. In the clip, an unidentified woman approaches a circle of attendees with her two dogs. She addresses the group and seems to be asking them to turn down the music. Many people watch the altercation, recording everything with their phones. […]

Myrtle McKenny was found dead in her apartment in Brooklyn, New York on Nov. 9. Initially, her doctor labeled the death natural -- a result of complications related to diabetes and hypertension.

Atlanta Police had no clue who they had just nabbed when they picked up an elderly woman for reportedly stealing some designer jewelry. Doris Payne, 84, was arrested on October 23, 2015, for allegedly making off with a $690 Christian Dior diamond ring from Saks Fifth Avenue at Phipps Plaza Mall.


A 103-year-old Georgia woman was banned from an Elberton church she's served for 92 years after she voiced concerns about the pastor.

There’s a newest oldest person on the block (er, in the world). Susannah Mushatt Jones was deemed “Oldest Living Person” by Guinness World Records today, on her 116th birthday. From Daily Intelligencer: Technically, she received the title when her predecessor died on June 17, but it’s nice to have a round number. Unlike the vast majority of […]

A teenager will be serving 20 years in prison after he beat an 88-year-old WW2 Veteran to death. The teenager and his accomplice killed the elderly man with a flashlight during a robbery outside of a bar. We pray for the victim’s family. [Daily Mail] An aspiring model has been charged with murder after her […]