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Rippled water in swimming pool, full frame

Source: Ryan McVay / Getty

Things got completely out of hand at a pool party, according to a video that has gone viral.

In the clip, an unidentified woman approaches a circle of attendees with her two dogs. She addresses the group and seems to be asking them to turn down the music. Many people watch the altercation, recording everything with their phones. Out of nowhere, someone in a red shirt picks the lady up and slams her body to the concrete ground.

Not to long after, the person in red picks the woman up again and drops her in the nearby pool, along with himself. People flee the scene in a mixture of shock and laughter. The video hit the web on Sunday, but it’s not known when it was recorded or where it took place.

You can watch the disturbing video for yourself below.

There is no word yet if the woman or her dogs were injured. We’ll keep you updated as more info surfaces.


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